Doing a research of Vuly trampolines it became a very time-consuming paper so we research advertising material and history to give much needed to give our readers information to study to make a decision about buying a Vuly. It has found the answers most likely to arm the consumer with the most valuable decision making info. When doing this investigation, Vuly is the world’s best and strongest trampolines, available in the market came up as the safest. During the research of Vuly, the Australian-based company, was found to be making waves, unlike any other trampoline manufacturing company in the industry you may have heard of in recent years. Vuly’s commitment is to provide state of the art and groundbreaking features never before included in any trampoline,. Every part used from the materials like the poles were built intentionally combining strength, safety, functionality, and form.

Why Vuly Trampolines?

Thanks to its dedicated team of designers, Vuly has maintained an innovative approach to keeping its products on top of the game. Since it was founded in 2008, the company has made it a point to always improve on previous products to come up with something more diverse and exciting. Currently, the Vuly Thunder using leaf springs, is the most popular trampoline Vuly you can encounter online. It also boasts of being the sturdiest in the world. Aside from its strength, it has also received the Good Design Selection and the Good Design Award at the Good Design Awards program for its unique and excellent design. Vuly was recognized for its benchmark design that combined the use of fixtures, commendable materials, and creativity of the trampoline. All of the research adds to the price and safety of the Vuly., but quality and longevity will prove to you that the price you paid was worth the investment for years to come. Don’t think of Vuly trampolines as just a tent with springs for the kids to jump and play games on, but of a high quality investment in fun for the whole family.

Other Vuly trampolines that received the same award include the 2014 Thunder 1.0 model and the 2015 Vuly2. According to Vuly’s CEO, Joe Andon, the company uses the same high-quality suspension that is being used in planes, trucks, and cars. Imagine the quality that goes into every Vuly trampoline that consumers purchase. If you think about it, Vuly trampolines are no ordinary products. It’s like the Rolls Royce of cars with great customer service.

What’s in a Vuly Trampoline?

The is very important for you to read the advertising and this site about the features so If you’re strongly considering getting your hands on a Vuly trampoline, you need to ask yourself which among the best products you would like to invest in. When you consider Vuly, you are considering durability, safety, and functionality. The Thunder trampoline alone lets you enjoy the world’s leading safety measures. It is a result of putting together all of the best features of its predecessors, the Thunder Pro, and Thunder Summer. It uses leaf springs that can be found under the mat instead of its sides. As a result, of the use of leaf spring design, you can readily observe the strength and experience the one-of-a-kind bounce it offers. Vuly trampolines are also known for their safety net that forms an enclosure, making it safe for children as well. While other enclosures are known to get weak after some time, the Vuly enclosure is designed to withstand as many jumps as possible using stronger poles to last. Remember now, Vuly products are second to none in the world. Surely, choosing from among the best will come as a challenge to you still. It is for this reason that we are putting together this helpful Vuly trampoline review. We want you to get the best Vuly experience if possible.

Top 3 Vuly Trampolines

#3) Vuly Thunder Trampoline

When it comes to size, the large Vuly Thunder Trampoline is the ultimate jumpflex trampoline with its 10.5ft size. It is said to be the world’s strongest large trampoline. The bigger the trampoline, the bigger the fun! Imagine several kids playing happily on one of the Vuly trampolines, laughing and giggling to their hearts’ content. There is also a small size that has the same features. Thunder Vuly model can withstand a maximum weight limit of 330lbs and is functional for both kids and adults of all ages. All Vuly thunder trampolines use refined leaf springs. Enjoy better bouncing with pre-curved Leaf Springs that are rivet-free for extra strength and easy installation.

Avoid the twisty rebound of other springless trampolines, which can injure joints. enclosed play area made of soft superfine silk known as terylene fabric keeps you safe. The material is best known for its long-lasting durability that can withstand numerous jumps. Moreover, the trampoline’s frame is nuts and bolts free made up of 6 parts that are very easy to assemble. The large Vuly Thunder Trampoline comes with a trampoline set and an instruction guide that will show you the many and easy ways to maximize your purchase.

Both sizes of the Vuly Thunder Trampoline uses strong leaf springs that function as the trampoline’s sturdy support and much more responsive at the same time. And because both models do not use nuts and bolts, there is no danger of any small parts coming loose while you engage in your jumping experience. Additionally, the springs are responsible for making the tramp very bouncy. Some critics label it as having “the best bounce of any recreational trampoline.” The springs add power and a little extra kick to your bounce.

#3) Vuly Thunder Trampoline – Medium

This round trampoline comes with the safety enclosure so you and your kids can jump on it without falling down in the mid-jumping sessions. The safety net is installed on the strong steel poles so you can be sure it gives you enough support. Those poles are attached to the legs which make the entire construction stable and safe.

Since I am already talking about legs and poles, you will be glad to hear that they are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and they are all connected with one steel bar at the bottom for better stability. The legs are relatively high so if you want to enter the trampoline without jumping or crawling, I suggest you look for the ladders in their offer.

Built to be our most durable trampoline in a truly an affordable price package, the Lift is the Vuly trampoline for every family. Lift concentrates on safety and performance with an incredibly UV-resistant safety enclosure and signature double-sided safety pads for a no-spring contact bounce. The durable polyethylene mesh enclosure with a wide, self-closing door stands up to severe weather and UV rays longer than any other material offering protection for years to come.

The Lift’s safety pads are a thick foam and Bisonyl for the utmost safety and resilience. With PVC connectors that securely attach to the springs, the double-sided pads protect bouncers and onlookers from ever touching the springs. Vuly’s dual ring frame design creates a foundation that won’t bow or break and is zinc-coated inside and out to protect against rust. The Lift’s two-tiered and super-sized leaf springs recoil based on weight and use thicker hooks, tapered ends, and a chromate conversion coating to safeguard against snapping. While old-fashioned trampolines can usually only have a weight limit of 175 to 220 pounds, the Lift’s maximum certified weight limit is 330 pounds. Available in small, medium, large, and XL, the Lift is Vuly trampoline for every family


#1) Vuly Life Pro Trampoline

A new favorite of many families around the world who enjoy backyard entertainment and quality time – the Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline. It is an upgraded classic backyard trampoline that is soft, bouncier, and better than most trampolines you may have come across with. What is amazing about this Vuly product is that you can crash against its net all you like without worrying about getting grazed or scratched. Surely, this piece of equipment can do wonders for your very energetic kids as well who like jumping around to their heart’s content.

Here’s another feature worthy of your attention – the Vuly Lift Pro high-quality frame that contributes greatly to its enjoyable response to jumping. Its two-ring click together ring is also a feature that provides double the regular strength of any trampoline. This review and several others about the Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline repeatedly make mention of how new owners are impressed with its safety features and the bounce they enjoy. It comes as no surprise that even professional fitness enthusiasts find the trampoline really mind-blowing and extremely reliable.


Trampoline Parts & Accessories

Since most Vuly trampoline models aren’t like other models on the market, it is nice to know that Vuly produces replacement parts and accessories for their trampolines. It really doesn’t matter what you need because they probably have it, so definitely check their offer before you turn to universal parts form some other unknown brand on the market. Some of their most important replacement parts are trampoline net and a cover that can be like a tent (shade cover) that closes the entire jumping mat and ladders to help.

When it comes to accessories, it is the same story. They have a lot of different accessories in the offer and one of the most popular ones is the basketball hoop so you can shoot some hoops while jumping on the trampoline. Besides that, you can find useful things like the ladder of anchor kit so you are pretty much covered. You can find every part and accessory for all the models just make sure you have the right dimension.

If for some reason you can’t find the part you need in their offer, you can try to locate the universal part, just make sure it fits perfectly on the Vuly trampoline you have.

Vuly Basketball Hoop

Vuly trampoline basketball set is one of their most popular add-ons as. This classic basketball set comes with a hoop, a mini basketball, a pump for it and the needle for the pump so you can play it the moment you get it. The installation is simple as long as you look at the basketball hoop instructions because you have to fix it to the pole of the trampoline. . The only thing you have to be aware of is that it is not made for the slam dunk. That includes all basketball rings on the market.


Vuly Foam Skateboard

Another very popular accessory is the trampoline board that allows your kid to act like a real skater on a trampoline. It is great because it removes the possibility of injuries your kid can have on the pavement, but it still gives them a great skating experience. The deck is very light, it is made of timber and in the end, coated with EVA foam for a smooth experience. The only thing your kid has to do to try it is to unpack the board.



Now, it’s just a matter of identifying which among the above mentioned Vuly Trampolines will convince you to get your own. It is a piece of outdoor equipment that you and your kids can truly enjoy while staying fit at the same time. You may be surprised by acquiring the accessories how many games your family will come up with, meaning hours and hours of fun. Among the three top Vuly models, would you go for the medium-sized trampoline or opt for the bigger product with a higher weight limit that will give you and your kids more room to have fun? Whichever Vuly trampoline you buy, one thing is certain, you are investing in a reliable and safe product. Remember that old saying “you get what you pay for” and Vuly is the best. The price may be higher but price is not everything.

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