No matter if you’re a kid, an adult or fall somewhere in between there is one thing we all know… a trampoline is just fun! They are a great source of not only fun but exercise and a great way to just start moving without lots of wear and tear on your joints. One of the most familiar trampoline brands is the Bounce Pro Trampoline. While there are a lot of different kinds of pro trampolines out there to compare, this is one of the best trampolines because it has features, quality and history. You’re probably here because you are looking or thinking about getting a Bounce Pro Trampoline so keep reading below and we will show you the best Bounce Pro Trampolines on the market today.


How Do You Choose Which Pro Bounce Trampoline To Get?

Given that different people make use of their trampoline differently, keep in mind that many different kinds of trampolines could be bought. These include indoor vs. outdoor, spring-based vs. springless, as well as various sizes and shapes of the trampolines that all will vary in price to some degree. This review of Bounce Pro trampoline aims to help you select the one which suits your needs. For instance, if safety is the topmost concern when it comes to using trampolines, and the springless type is one. That helps to remove the constant threat of falling through springs whenever you use the trampolines.

Always check the type of enclosure you want in a trampoline. In choosing the shape, you could also consider between rectangular, oval, round, or square, with the round trampoline being the safest, funniest, and familiar with the rectangular one being the best for athletes. Other shapes serve mixed purposes, as well. Lastly, it’s also worth knowing as to how big the size of your trampoline should be, take into account the availability of space. For athletes, how much space you would be needed to practice correctly should be taken into consideration.

Bounce Pro trampolines are associated with Sportspower Ltd, a manufacturer, and distributor of trampolines and other outdoor play equipment.

Bounce Pro trampolines feature the following:

  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame & springs for true safety
  • U-shaped legs
  • Double welded plate leg welds at the joints
  • UV-resistant netting with zipper enclosure
  • Steelflex enclosure ring to boost net strength and eliminate net sag
  • UV-resistant TenCate Permatron jumping mat with premium stitching
  • Padded spring cover
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Reasonable price for their products


Review The Best Bounce Pro Trampolines

Below we will lay out the best trampoline reviews that will hopefully fit your price/budget, specific needs and situation. Before we get to the specific trampoline that could be the best for you, below we will lay out what makes a Bounce Pro Trampoline a great choice.

Sturdiness: A Bounce Pro Trampoline frame has a stable, secure feel once assembled.

Safety Features: Owners like how the galvanized steel frame, legs, and the metal springs being located outside the trampoline safety enclosure net, which significantly reduces the risk of pinched toes and feet. The netting is taut, so kids won’t fly off the jump space.

Assembly: Bounce Pro instructions are written in clear and accurate English. Assembly is time-consuming like any trampoline assembly is, but easy-to-follow instructions take a lot of the hassle and uncertainty out of installation. From the springs, to the jumping mat, they explain everything well.

Cost: Perhaps most importantly, Bounce Pro is cheaper than some other quality brand of trampoline out there. In the words of one reviewer, “I was skeptical of the quality of this for the price, but WOW!”


1) 15’ Square Bounce Pro

The first trampoline on this list has all the features you need. It serves as the best enclosure net for square bounce pro. Everything that is expected of a pro trampoline is already here, complete with the fine mesh, the foam-coated metal parts, as well as the rubberized area that surrounds the entire trampoline. Apart from helping to keep people safe, especially children by preventing them from falling out of bounds, it is also easy to set up. Dropping off the trampoline and not landing on it upon jumping is the most common cause of injury among trampoline users, and this product helps prevent such from taking place. This is Bounce Pro’s mega model.

The 15-foot trampoline offers a maximum jump mat area, so larger kids, teens and adults can bounce freely without touching or ending up in the net. Because the jumping mat doesn’t allow jumpers to jump as high as other models, it keeps children at a more manageable altitude. The safety enclosure netting is finely woven to prevent snagging. The poles and arch are fully padded, covering the frame and springs for added protection. The Bounce Pro is compliant with the standards of ASTM International, the organization that develops technical standards for materials, systems and services. The weight limit for the Bounce Pro trampoline is 220 pounds, but manufacturers don’t recommend heavier adult jumpers on this trampoline.

Here’s where knowing what you want to do with your trampoline comes into play. The Bounce Pro is intended for children rather than adults, so if you’re looking for a way to have a good time as a family, you’ll love the Bounce Pro.

Whether you stick with the basic trampoline features or opt for unique accessories (see below), the 15-footer offers the ultimate recreational experience.


2) 55” My First Trampoline by Bounce Pro

If you are looking for a trampoline which guarantees ultimate safety features for children while using the trampoline all while at a great price, then this is one of the trampolines you could rely on. It has poles for safety enclosure that are made of galvanized, rust-resistant steel, which makes it compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. To make it even more compatible with outdoor use, it also comes with safety enclosure, spring covers, jumping mats, and nettings that are all UV-proof. The spring cover is weather-resistant, as well.

To keep users safe and secure while using this trampoline, it has safety features like the netting that surrounds the frame to the ground. That preventing kid, pets, and other objects from getting into the bouncing area when someone is playing inside the trampoline. The mesh, which surrounds the entire trampoline, is enough to cover the common bouncing area, mat and springs, unlike other meshes of other trampolines that only cover halfway through. Lastly, the assembly of the entire thing takes a mere half-hour, saving you time and effort in doing so.

Bounce Pro Trampoline Accessories

Below are some of the most popular Bounce Pro trampoline accessories you can get to go with your new trampoline. These items help make jumping on your new trampoline much more fun, exciting and something that you and the family will love for years to come.

3) Bounce Pro with Flash Light Zone

Because the jumping mat doesn’t allow jumpers to jump as high as other models, it keeps children at a more manageable altitude. The safety enclosure netting is finely woven to prevent snagging. The poles and arch are fully padded, covering the frame and springs for added protection. The Bounce Pro is compliant with the standards of ASTM International, the organization that develops technical standards for materials, systems and services


Bounce Pro with Slama Jama Basketball Hoop

Bounce Pro with Slama Jama includes a basketball hoop and net. A lot of parents offer great feedback about the hoop and think it adds a lot to their kids’ jump experience on the trampoline. A handful of customers complain the basketball system is unimpressive, calling it “weak” or “floppy.” If your kids love to shoot baskets, you might want to consider Bounce Pro’s hoop variation. This is better for older children.


4) Bounce Pro with Electron Shooter Game

The Electron Shooter Game is another accessory offered by Bounce Pro. The game comes with two spider-shaped infrared targets that attach to the enclosure frame of the trampoline. While jumping, kids use a handheld remote to shoot at the targets, earning as many points as possible over 90 seconds.

If you think your kids might like the extra challenge and the arcade-like sound effects of the Electron Shooter game, consider investing. Keep in mind, though, you have to provide the batteries.


Are Bounce Pro Trampolines Hard To Assemble?

Bounce Pro includes user-friendly instructions. Even though the trampoline assembly is somewhat time-consuming, the job would be a lot trickier if the instructions weren’t as clear as they are making it as easy a trampoline assembly you will find.

Some customers report going solo. Still, most people agree that working with another person, saves time and hassle, especially concerning installing the enclosure net. The safety net comes with special ties that must be threaded through and secured around the entire trampoline. It’s technically easy work but pretty tedious and time-consuming. For a team of two people, the whole set up should take two to three hours. If you’re working solo, expect three to four hours from beginning to end. Of course, there are always the exceptional folks who require less (or more) time to get the job done.

Be sure to follow instructions precisely. A lot of people who got ahead of themselves regretted doing so because they found themselves undoing and then redoing. Working step by step will likely save you loads of time and aggravation in the long run.

Keep in mind, securing the net eliminates dangerous gaps between the net and the trampoline. The process of tying the net to the trampoline is painstakingly slow. Still, the thoroughly secured net will protect your kids from injury.


What Is The Warranty On Bounce Pro Trampolines?

At the time of this writing, the Sportspower trampoline warranty offers a 7-year warranty on Bounce Pro’s steel frames and legs. The bounce mat is under warranty for three years. Other parts, including the trampoline spring pad, safety net enclosure, and foam padding, are covered for one year from the date of purchase.



When you are looking for a great trampoline that has all the features you need and at a great price, there is no better than a Bounce Pro trampoline. When we did this trampoline review, it was evident the Bounce Pro was the best. Choosing the best trampoline is all about which one in the discussions, fit your needs. After the research was done here, why would you buy any others, acquire a Bounce Pro trampoline? They make the safest and most study built trampolines, we could find for children and adults, that is why we believe this review will help you in buying.

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