When we were kids, we would always dream of having superpowers, such as being able to jump way up high. While parents would love for their kids to have their dreams come true, this may have to pass. However, they can always give them the same feeling of being able to jump high by getting them a trampoline. There are several brands of trampolines that you can choose from, and one of them would be Propel Trampolines. In this Propel Trampoline review we will talk about trampoline reviews, customer feedback, how they perform and what you can expect from one if you decide to purchase one from them.

How Propel Trampolines Stand Out

Each product has its unique features to stand out from competitors, and when we did the trampoline reviews of the Propel brand, it also has an ace up their sleeves as well. The customer review is higher than most brands. When talking about their trampolines themselves, whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor, for children or teens, they would have one. If you are on a budget, Propel has an option for you. Almost all of the Propel trampolines come with a net enclosure to add safety measures. A trampoline with enclosure prevents your kids or anyone from falling out of the trampoline.

Aside from the generally straightforward assembly instructions that come with each Propel trampoline package you order, they offer some more help on the Propel website when needed. If that is not enough, they even posted a video on how to do the setup. If your Propel Trampoline gets broken due to a malfunctioning part, you do not need to buy an entirely new one. Just as most Propel trampoline reviews say, they offer parts replacement for most of their products. On the other hand, if you need accessories, they have a list of options on their website as well. Although you may find the same options from different brands, it may be best to pair your accessories with the same brand. Customer sale online van keep this simple.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Trampolines

Generally, when deciding to buy a trampoline, whether Propel or not, there are things you need to check for each trampoline to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. The first thing you have to keep in mind is whether or not the trampoline is safe to play on. Please that you will need to review the specifications of each trampoline you have on your list of options.

The kinds of trampolines could already be a good enough measure to know what ages can use the trampoline, whether it is made for kids or adults, indoor or outdoor. However, it may still help to review the trampoline weight limit. The weight limit helps in determining how much force you can place on the trampoline. Seeing how the springs are placed should give an excellent first impression to you. Some trampolines would have holes between springs, which would put anyone playing on it in danger of getting their feet or arms stuck. That said, it would be best to get trampolines with padded springs. Lastly, get trampolines that have net enclosures. As already mentioned, they prevent people from falling off the trampoline. Many brands already recognize these safety measures. Aside from having net enclosures, all Propel trampoline show they are also padded. If you might be a safety freak, then there is still no problem getting a trampoline since you can always add more safety accessories. In addition to the net, you can add a canopy or tent to provide the sort of roof for the trampoline. This feature is especially useful for outdoor trampolines on a sunny day. If the trampoline is a bit too high to get into, you can opt to get a ladder so they would not need to jump on the trampoline to get on it as this may be dangerous.


Propel Trampoline Reviews

Since Propel has a trampoline for different occasions and different people and bounce, with accessories to boot, you may get yourself one from them. Although, of course, since there are still many options to choose from, a trampoline review may need for each product. To give you an idea of what many people think of Propel Trampolines, here are 4 of their different kinds of trampolines to review.


Propel Trampolines P12-6TT Trampoline Club

While this is not exactly a trampoline itself, many of those who already have trampolines would buy tents and canopies. That said, this Propel trampoline clubhouse cover seems to be appealing to many buyers, even those with trampolines from different brands. Specifications wise, you can either get the 12-feet one of the 15 feet depending on the size of your trampoline. With most trampolines nowadays being used by kids, this housing cover fits just right for most trampolines for kids. It features a zippered entrance and exit with 2 screened windows. The covers are adjustable when needed. If it suddenly rains outside, kids can continue playing as the cover is weather resistant all around. It also would not easily collapse despite aggressive bouncing on the trampoline with six sturdy enclosure poles supporting it.


Propel Trampolines P7D-YB Indoor/Outdoor

For kids who are basketball fans or enthusiasts, this product from Propel trampoline can help them practice their dunks when they get older. This Propel package comes with a free Jump-N-Jam basketball hoop system, which of course, then also comes with basketball that kids can play with it.

What makes a Propel Trampoline the best? All Propel Trampolines have several advanced safety, stability, and durability features, including:

  • Impact absorbent response system. The trampoline with enclosure attaches to each of the four padded poles with a high-strength bungee. Because of this, if your child hits the net, they will be presented with a durable yet soft and absorbent response, not the “brick wall” effect you get from the other brands.
  • Sure lock safety-pad. The thick safetyP7D-YB pad is kept in place by four holes, which the corresponding poles feed through before attaching to the frame.
  • T-Bracket technology. The advanced system prevents the frame from twisting while increasing overall stability and the T-Brackets lock into four strong legs
  • Our 7′ trampoline has 40 springs, creating the smoothest bounce on the market.
  • Propel 7’ Weight Capacity: 150 lbs


Propel Trampolines P14D-BE

If you like that of the previous one but need a bigger size for more kids to play, this Propel 14’ trampoline product may be what you’re looking for. Most of the features of the smaller ones are here on, the bigger model, understandably since this is a bigger trampoline, it has a bigger bounce. This trampoline with enclosure has 72 springs galvanized steel springs, instead of 40. The weight limit is increased to 275 pounds allowing both you and your kid/s to jump together. The price reasonably doubled as well, so it may not be for those on a budget. It also features the same T-bracket system that has found success in the Propel P7D-YB. Unfortunately, it does not come with the Jump-N-Jam basketball hoop, but this can be ordered from the company separately. If you read the Propel Trampoline reviews on some websites, most of the problems seem to be in the packaging (i.e., missing parts) and less of the product itself. Make sure then that you have every part of the package. If in case you lack some parts, you may contact the company immediately. No spring puller or anchor kit is necessary.


  • Impact absorbent response system. The enclosure attaches to each of the six padded poles with a high-strength bungee. Because of this, if your child hits the net, they will be presented with a durable yet soft and absorbent response, not the “brick wall” effect you get from the other brands.
  • Sure lock safety pad. The thick pad is kept in place by six holes, which the corresponding enclosure legs feed through before attaching to the frame. This keeps the pad in place in any weather.
  • T-Bracket technologies. The advanced system prevents the frame from twisting while increasing overall stability and the T-Brackets lock into six strong legs
  • Our 14′ trampoline has 72 springs. Creating the smoothest bounce on the market.
  • Propel 14′ Weight Capacity: 275 lbs



Introducing the Propel 15′ trampoline with safety enclosure and ladder. One of the safest, bounciest trampoline on the market! Customer reviews are great. With the ultra-smooth bounce, controlled by 96 steel springs, and the Impact-Absorbent Enclosure System, plus the thick Sure-Lock frame pad. Propel Trampolines reach the paramount of safety. And with our engineered steel joint brackets to speed assembly and increase stability, your Propel Trampoline is sure to provide hours of satisfaction and delight throughout the seasons. You and your children will be sure to enjoy the Propel 15′ Trampoline for days on end.


Propel Trampolines PTS55-Re Junior Trampoline

For those looking for a trampoline product for their kids without having to pay a high price, Propel has got you covered with this one. With just only over a hundred dollars, you get the Propel trampoline itself and a net to boot. It also a base net below the trampoline so that nothing or no one can get under it, especially when someone is jumping on the trampoline. Built for children with six poles keeping it stable for them to jump on as much as they want. Some may review it with the Propel P7D-YB. Sadly, it also does not have the Jump-N-Jam basketball hoop, but if you get it as an accessory from Propel Trampoline, you pay almost the same price for even better safety. The Propel P7D-YB only has four legs/poles and has no base net below the trampoline. Just like with most of Propel Trampoline products, everything is padded. You would not see any metal that you should be worried about. For its price, it should easily be one of your top choices if you are considering buying from Propel Trampolines.



Like any product out there doing your research makes a huge difference, like other products, if you are buying a trampoline, always make sure to review more about the specifications and not judge it based on its bonus features. One crucial factor in this as well as what the people say about the trampoline, especially when it comes to Propel Trampolines. Checking for a customer sale online is excellent. Having read most of the Propel, trampoline reviews lean positive. We have given you quite a bit of the necessary information to review, but you can see that the Propel brand is the right choice when buying a trampoline.

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