Everyone loves some of that adrenaline excitement like riding a roller coaster or falling downhill after a tall climb. Kids and even toddlers are no different but of course, we would not want them to go to the extremes just yet. Getting a trampoline would do well in giving your kids that same excitement. They can jump higher and higher and fall down from a tall height. Toddlers can even do the same as long as you get the toddler trampoline with a net to protect them from falling off the edges. If you plan to buy a trampoline, you might as well get the best trampoline for toddlers and kids.


Trampolines and How They Work

Trampolines are quite straightforward in terms of how they work. Trampolines are like slingshots. With a slingshot, you can stretch the rubber band as much as you want. The more you stretch it, the farther the thing you placed with the rubber will go. The same goes for a trampoline. Getting on the trampoline and walking on it will obviously not get you anywhere. If you start exerting force on the springs while jumping on it, the more it will push you upwards.

If you go into the science behind it, you would come across the kinds of energy both Potential and Kinetic, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and Hooke’s Law. However, you would not really need to go much into them as seeing these concepts, in reality, is pretty simple and are all illustrated by using the trampoline. This may even be a great example for teachers to use this as a great way to educate their students in a fun way.


What to Check When Buying a Trampoline

Before deciding what kind of trampolines to buy for your kids and toddlers, there are a few things you have to consider. Since the ones who will be jumping on these trampolines are young ones, the first thing you have to make sure of is the trampoline’s safety measures. That is aside checking the other specifications of the trampoline ensuring that it is fit for your children.

That said, check first the weight limit of the trampoline. Not all trampolines can support different weights. If only 1 child is going to use it, then you can use that as a standard for when you check your options. However, if there will be multiple children jumping on it at the same time, try looking for a higher weight limit. In line with this, check as well the durability of the springs. The springs are what gives the bounce. There are cases when kids tear the springs because of low-quality trampolines. Lastly, make sure that the springs are padded. If not, arms and legs can get stuck between the springs.

There are different types of trampolines and knowing which one you want will help narrow down your choices. These types are classic, children’s, rebounder, and water trampolines. Although in this case, the children’s type of trampolines is the obvious choice, you can always opt to check other types.

There are accessories that you may want to buy to add more safety measures to the trampoline. One of the most useful ones is getting a canopy or a tent. This prevents your kids from jumping too high or jumping out of the trampoline. Ladders are another option. Getting on the trampoline can be hard and even dangerous for some. Having a ladder can help make it easier to get on the trampoline.


The 5 Best Trampolines for Toddlers

To help you further narrow down your choices, we have gathered the top 5 trampolines for your kids available on the market today.

Little Tikes 7’ Trampoline

Starting off this list is Little Tikes Trampoline. Although it is more on the expensive side, the trampoline already comes with a lot of safety features. With a weight limit of 115 pounds, this is a great trampoline for at most 2 kids ages 3 and up. Little Tikes went further by enclosing the whole trampoline area with a net enclosure so your kids would not fall off. To talk about the specifics, its frame is made of blow-molded plastic, which even though it sounds ironic seeing the word “plastic”, is actually quite durable. The springs are padded as well. The best thing about this Little Tikes trampoline is that it is easy to assemble even just by yourself.


Sportspower 84” My First Trampoline

On the cheaper side of trampolines, if you want to get almost the same kind of durability and safety measures, this trampoline by Sportspower will definitely do. While it may be a small thing and should be obvious, the trampoline is padded really well. You see almost no metal parts anywhere so it’ll be unlikely for your kids to get injured by it. That is of course unless they fall off but even then, Sportspower has that covered. The whole trampoline is also enclosed in a net. As suggested for any kind of trampoline, this one is made of galvanized steel. Needless to say, there is no need to question its durability. The only downside to this is that while it does say that it also made for the outdoors, several customer feedback complained about the mold that formed after a few months of outdoor use. Having it indoors, on the other hand, will do just fine.


The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

Trampolines are usually meant to stay in place. As a fun toy, kids may want to bring their trampoline to places. If you know that you will be going out a lot a need a portable trampoline, The Original Toy Company made a foldable one for parents like you. You will only take nearly 5 minutes to remove it from the box and set it ready for bouncing. It also features a handlebar which you can attach so kids can jump while holding on to it. However, some did complain about having a bit of trouble attaching the handlebar. Although there is no net enclosure, you would not need it since the trampoline does not allow your kids to jump too high for them to fall off. Its weight limit is at 150 pounds so, despite the small area, 2 kids can still jump on it at the same time.


Gymenist’s Portable & Foldable Trampoline

The Gymenist’s Portable and Foldable Trampoline almost offers the same features as the previous one with both at a 36” diameter but this one comes at a cheaper price. The assembly is a breeze as well since it is also foldable. Gymenist even included a portable bag for it. It also has a weight limit of 150 pounds which prevents kids from jumping too high as well. Quite literally, it is almost the same as The Original Toy Company. The Gymenist one just comes a bit more portable and the handlebar had no issues for anyone who bought it. The downside to this, however, is that it may not be ideal for regular use as it can tear easily. This would be best only when using it for when you are traveling.v


Giantex 55” Round Kids Mini Jumping Trampoline

Topping the list is Giantex trampoline that is both the cheapest and safest trampoline for kids. Although it is not exactly as portable as the previous two, it is still easy to assemble and move around. The instructions for the assembly was straightforward to understand. It has six legs underneath providing more stability and a net enclosure. Although the net does not include a roof of some sort like the ones by Little Tikes and Sportspower, it is still quite high enough so that the kids would not fall off. Everything you see on the trampoline is also padded with no visible metal parts you would have to worry about. There is a net door where your kids can easily enter and exit and a zipper to boot. It can even support a parent who wants to join in to play with their kids while on the trampoline. However, as no trampoline is perfect, the durability of some materials can be questionable. For lively kids doing a lot of crazy things while on the trampoline, the Giantex can easily wear down. Nevertheless, for its price, portability, and satisfactory quality, this should easily be your number 1 choice.



Having read about the 5 best trampolines for your kids, you may just be convinced to buy one of them. However, we generally hope that this would serve as a guide for you when looking for options. Every trampoline has their own possible long-term or short-term defects so choose one that you can easily remedy. Placing your trampolines either indoor and outdoor have their own pros and cons. While it may be a lot more fun being outside, it may wear down the trampoline’s quality. On the other hand, indoor trampolines may last longer but not quite the same experience as outdoors. Of course, there are those that can be both placed indoor and outdoor. The point here is for you to get the best trampolines so that your children can enjoy without you having to worry about them.

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